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Suicide Squad

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Yup, we're diving into the DCEU. God help us.

So, there's no saving the movie. We're pretty much going to entirely scrap it aside from things that full under the basic premise of doing a Suicide Squad movie. With that said, let's dive into the characters we'll have.

This does expose the first big problem with the DCEU movie: A massively bloated cast. Too many characters resulted in all of them being shallow and uninteresting. So, let's trim things down.

1: Deadshot
Probably the most iconic member of the Squad, and he comes with an obvious character and thematic role. In a team of loonies, assholes, and monsters, Deadshot is the professional. He's an assassin for hire, it's just that in this case the client is the US government, and instead of being paid in cash he's getting a pardon. His origin is nice and simple, which is another plus.

2: Captain Boomerang
The perfect contrast to Deadshot. He's not a professional or a team player. He's a complete dick who only cares about himself, and would happily screw over the mission and his teammates if it makes his life slightly better. Again, no need for a complex origin. He's just a crook with a gimmick.

3: Harley Quinn
One thing the movie did right, live action Harley Quinn was exactly what they needed to get the fanboys pumped. She's been a regular Suicide Squad member in more recent years, and works just fine as the team's wild card. Her origin can be smoothed a bit with the inclusion of the 4th member...

4: Poison Ivy
She was a recurring member of the Suicide Squad in its original incarnation, and seeing the Harley and Ivy pair on the big screen is the only thing that would get people even more hyped than just Harley. Harley's origin also ties in some with Ivy, which saves you screentime on explaining the characters.

Also, Ivy fills an important missing niche on the team: the Heavy. Deadshot and Boomerang are just normal guys, after all. Ivy's the one who can throw down with heavy-duta metahumans in a brawl (or rather, her plants can). Also, as far as the super-level goes, emphasizing Ivy's role in Harley's backstory means it's easy to include Harley's often-forgotten low-level superpowers that she gained from letting Ivy mess with her DNA.

5: Oracle
Yes. Oracle. She started off in Suicide Squad. Look it up.

She fills the all-important mission control role, as well as the general electronics/hacking and information gathering. Plus, given that the Squad only sees her digital avatar and a voice over an internet connection, we can keep her vague and mysterious to avoid bogging down in explanation. Nobody else on the team knows who she is, so we don't need to explain her.

Also, with post-credits scenes to set up future films being mandatory at this point, revealing Oracle's identity is the perfect end-credits scene.


Now to the second problem with the original movie. The plot.

The Suicide Squad movie did not seem to grasp what the whole point of Suicide Squad actually was. Namely, a team of utterly expendable and deniable assets who do government black ops work. They are not heroes. They do not save the everyone from the world-ending giant beam of blue light shooting up into the sky.

So, we need a black ops mission for the squad to go on. Thankfully, the DC universe has no shortage of options. The most obvious option would be to use one of the setting's 3rd-world stand-in nations, like Quraq, Kasnia or Santa Prisca. Suicide Squad gets sent in to assassinate a leader who's been going against government's interests. Have Evil Dictator Jerk be ... well an evil dictator jerk, so our leads stay reasonably likable in their mission to murder him.

Suicide Squad is perfect for this kind of job. Supervillains killed a world leader? Well duh, that's what they do. Even if they fail or go off-mission, they'll still probably rampage around enough to disrupt the regime.

So, now we need some complications. There are a couple angles to play.

First off, the team is only a team in the loosest sense. Boomerang is an asshat, Harley is a looney wild card, and Ivy cares more about the local plant life than her mission or (most) of her teammates. For extra fun, have Harley and Ivy be on the outs at the start of the storyŚmaybe Ivy blames Harley for getting them caught and thus dragged into this mess.

Secondly, Evil Dictator Jerk either has a villain manipulating him, or hires some protection to deal with the Squad. Because of course we need a big battle at the end. No shortage of options here.

Third, a hero gets involved. It's only natural, what with the Suicide Squad being a collection of villains doing things that on the surface appear to be typical supervillain behavior. Given that 4/5 of the squad are Batman characters, the Bat is the obvious pick. And putting him in the antagonist role offers some fun possibilities. Plus Oracle can eventually call him off once things get too hot.

Plus, it ties up the other half of the end-credits scene. After all the Suicide Squad craziness is done, Batman goes to see Oracle for an explanation.


Mix all the ingredients together, and I think we could make a good movie out of it.



How would you work Rick Flagg into this?  He seems like a liability when you consider the whole 'deniability' aspect of the team.  He's not a supervillain, but a government agent.  Would he be forced to sacrifice his own reputation by styling himself publicly himself as a rogue agent and a traitor so as to protect his agency's interests?

Love your ideas, btw.  Would you consider any existing DC characters to play the dictator, like Black Adam, Vandal Savage or Gorilla Grodd?

Side note.  I found this.... thing. … 1115013149



Flagg would be tricky to work into the team, yeah. I expect he'd be given the standard Mission Impossible-style warning: "If you get caught, you will be branded a traitor and the government will disavow any knowledge of your activities."

Vandal Savage would probably be the best fit for the evil dictator guy, mostly because Grodd or Black Adam would take a bit too much explaining, and they really belong in a Flash or Captain Marvel movie. Plus it just adds an extra level of screwed to Suicide Squad's mission if they're sent to kill a man whose superpower is that he can't die.


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