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Episode ideas you'd like to see

Pretty much what it sounds like
3 6 Pony spinoffs?
2017-11-05 18:16:55 - Asuraludu

Episode discussions

Hits, misses, and commentary.
3 9 Secrets and Pies
2017-10-18 16:44:27 - Toonbat

Interactive clopfic

It had to happen
1 3 Dawn of the Changelings
2018-01-08 06:57:30 - Toonbat

Movie Night

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Movie Suggestions

Just a place were you can enter some movie titles you would like to see us tackle in the future.
4 9 Give these movies a go
2018-04-15 20:04:39 - Asuraludu


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DC Comics is gonna reboot its whole comics lineup, as it did with Crisis on Infinite Earths and the New 52, and they just hired you to be the person in charge of all final decisions! So what sort of changes could we expect under your new leadership? What characters would be brought back, revamped, or discarded? What entirely new titles would you greenlight? Go nuts.
4 14 Batman
2017-09-26 04:13:35 - Trinary

Movies in general

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Please reboot this franchise

We all hate reeboots. Or do we? Which franchises would you like to see reborn under a new creative team?
2 9 Give them new LIFE!!!
2017-10-22 17:18:00 - Toonbat

TV shows in general

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What premises deserve a show?

I mean, I'd watch it.
1 3 Off the top of my head
2017-12-17 08:36:52 - Toonbat

Fanfiction and fanart discussions

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Beautiful oddities

They're weird and wrong, but we love them.
0 0  

Hidden gems

Share some of the wonders you've stumbled on in your travels.
1 3 Some surprises.
2018-11-08 01:25:24 - Asuraludu

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