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YouTube link dumping ground

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Feel free to drop any links, preferably with a short description and a selling point!

The Last Man On Earth
Vincent Price at his most humorless, but also at his most haunted.  And the first adaptation of the classic book "I am Legend".  Also, it pre-dates Night of the Living Dead, but boasts a ton of the same basic elements that made NOTLD a hit.

Tobor The Great
Super kid friendly Sci-Fi.  The tone reminds me a lot of Japanese kiddy sci-fi flicks, with a loveable robot that gets a decent amount of screentime. If the human characters are not terribly memorable, they are at least likeable enough.  Except for the genius kid.  But hey, we gotta have something to complain about for movie night to be complete!
Also, made by Republic, which to this day is ranked as among the best producers of movie serials.  This isn't a serial, but it does share its formula of keeping intersting things happening without allowing dull moments to build up. Or at least, that was my feeling while watching

The House on Haunted Hill
Vincent Price is gonna be showing up a lot on this list.  What we have here is some fine and fragrant fancy ripe cheese! Directed by William Castle, the biggest rival for B-Movie king that Roger Corman ever faced.  A bored rich couple set up their house to become a horror show and invite people to stay over as a challenge.  But there is more to this little contest than they let on.

The Comedy of Terrors
Vincent Price and Peter Lorre.  Directed by Roger Corman.  Nuff said.

Saturn 3
No idea what it's about, but it stars Sarah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, and a ton of fancy spaceship control panels.  Also, it's got a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  So you know it's good!



Some more suggestions as well

The Lone Ranger (tv series) … mp;index=2
Classic series. We can watch a few episodes, since they're about 25 minutes each.

Jason and the Argonauts
Ray Harrihausen classic!

X the man with X ray eyes
A strange formula for eyedrops allow a man to see through objects.  Directed by Roger Corman, and recommended by a list of top 100 B-Films.



Youtube movies

Flash Gordon The Greatest Adventure of All (1979)

The Fearless Four (1997)

Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

TerrorVision (1986)

Surf Nazis Must Die!


You are here » Debate Bait » Movie Suggestions » YouTube link dumping ground