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The good old man of steel. How do we change him? Or perhaps the more important question, should we change him?

I'm inclined to say no. Or perhaps more aptly, we should roll him back a bit. I always liked the idea of superman as the immigrant metaphor far more than him being the uber-American.

The other big change would be tone down how much actual heroing we see on page. Not that I don't like seeing superman being the original superhero, but I think there's a lot more fun to be had with him doing character stuff than there is with him punching Zod in the face (or breaking his neck). I'd probably focus his opening arc on some fun philosophical questions and moral dilemmas tossed his wayŚwe know Superman can do anything, but should he? Have a civil war going on in Quraq, Kasnia, or whatever fictional DC country works best. Supes wants to do something about it, but the more he gets involved the messier the whole situation gets. Avoid any of the usual easy outs like one side being totally evil, or it all being an evil scheme by Luthor or another supervillain. Just a nasty, messy situation he has to find his way out of.

As for the rest of his cast, most of them are okay. Lois Lane plays off him well (and should take back her romantic interest role). I'd maybe put a touch more emphasis on her army brat roots to make her less of the iconic damsel in distress, but that's something the comics have been doing off and on for a while.



And bring back the red shorts! ;P

Regarding the immigrant thing, I always thought the revamp with him being technically 'born' on Earth because his matrix blah blah blah was pretty stupid. He is more interesting and intriguing as an outsider trying to learn and earn his place in another world.  Not to mention that it's just that much more tragic for his parents to send their baby off than sending their zygote off, or whatever.

I definitely like the idea of seeing his involvement, or refusal to involve, in foreign wars.  I mean, I can't imagine him just standing aside while civilians are shot down, but I can also acknowledge that as a smart, world-savvy reporter he's not so naive as to fail to see the dangers of getting involved too much.  And a war... this might actually be an ideal situation for him to show how Clark Kent might be able to help more than Superman, as a war correspondant.  Though even that would still leave him with horrible moral dilemmas.  Should he hide or reveal information he uncovers that might make the conflict even worse?


You are here » Debate Bait » Changes » Superman