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Dawn of the Changelings

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Okay! So this is gonna be an attempt to make a sort of combination interactive story and roleplaying game!

The rules are as follows.

1. Anyone who wishes to participate will be playing the role of a fresh recruit in Queen Chrysalis's new army.

2. Rather like your standard DnD game, I will begin by describing a scenario, and you will follow up with your character's thoughts and actions, but NOT their consequences.  For example, stating "My character Tasty Tamale draws his sword and attacks the friendly postman!" is perfectly fine.  "My character Tasty Tamale draws his sword and stabs the friendly postman!" is not.  As a player, you don't know if the friendly postman can even be stabbed.  Maybe he just happens to be wearing his stab-proof vest that day, or maybe he's actually a friendly swarm of wasps in disguise! That is for me, the Game Master to decide!

3. You can request to have your own separate thread if you want a solo adventure.  If you wanna join an existing one, or start off as a team with another player, you can do that too, as long as everyone involved agrees to it.

4. This is gonna be shamelessly kinky! Accept that now or go back to the Nintendo forums, you wholesome bastich!

5. Characters will be anthro.  Just works better for me.  Sorry.

Have fun.



The queen squirmed comfortably on her seat.  It was impossible to squirm uncomfortably on  it, no matter how much Chrysalis would have preferred it.  The miserable carpenter who had built her throne knew her business when it came to rocking chairs, chippendales, and other homely artifacts of plebeian sloth, but knew nothing when it came to the art of crafting a proper throne.  A throne should be as cold, severe and unyielding as its occupant, not ergonomically tilted and strategically cushioned for best lumbar support!  And it should not have any legs! 

She would gladly have extended that point to the carpenter herself as well, but the queen could not afford to waste resources now.  She had no proper hive yet.  Just a handful of soldiers and about twice as many thralls, the latter earth ponies for the most part. The fools had rescued an exhausted half-dead pegasus mare from the desert, and had been richly rewarded with the chance to aid the queen’s return as her brainwashed servants. She wondered at first if she had bitten off more than she could chew, for she had never tried to control this many creatures at once.  But this lot was somehow even more simple-minded than average, and all it took was a rousing call of “APPLEOOSA!” to leave any passing caravans satisfied, and to send them scurrying off full-gallop to boot!

It was tempting to be patient.  To wait until her brood had grown more numerous before seeking her revenge.  To play it safe.  But no.  Safety was an illusion as long as her enemies ruled the world.  And in any case, even this sappy little Every-Night-is-Bingo-Night corner of Cowtipping Nowhere could never provide enough love to fuel her needs.  An empire needs to expand or die, even a tiny one. So expand they must.

“CHANGELINGS! My children.  My true children…” Yes, that sounded right.  Feed their need for affection, while inspiring fear and hatred for enemies they had never met. “You have grown strong and beautiful, and the world calls out to you.  Can you hear her? Can you taste her?  She is so ripe and succulent, and she is begging for a bite!”

Blank stares met her. She frowned. Her old hive would have been buzzing so furiously in their excitement she would have needed to shout to let herself be heard.  She blamed the ponies.  In better days she would have raised the first batch herself, then relegated the task to her lieutenants. But she had been so busy taking over the town she had to rely on pony nursemaids just to manage. “Our enemies may seem almighty, or think themselves so, but today you set off to teach them otherwise.  They thought us broken and done. Fools they!  You cannot break that which has no shape! Try to beat it down, and you only forge it all the stronger”


The terrified changelings vanished in a fury of buzzing wings, only to reassembly in a neat single file before the draft sergeant’s desk!



The bespectacled changeling looked at his list for several minutes before finally looking up.  “Hrm… well, I think we can be sure this isn’t my assignment sheet!  For one, I don’t usually write it in the form of a steamy love letter to a nicely stacked buffalo chick.  Second, I never actually got around to writing an assignment sheet.  I can see we’re gonna have to wing it on this one.  What species are you going to assume?

A) “A pony!”
A) “A wingaling pony!” 
A) “A sorcerous rhino pony!”
A) “A fucking diamond dog, yeah!”
A) “One of those stooopid candyvag reformed changelings”


You are here » Debate Bait » Interactive clopfic » Dawn of the Changelings