So far, only Applejack and Rainbow Dash's parents have gotten an episode that really explored them.  Sure, we got a small taste of Fluttershy and Rarity's parents, but nothing really substantial.  So what do you think would make for a good story direction on episodes that explored the Main Six's parents?

Cookie Crumbles and Magnum:
Rarity invites her parents to a posh party which will feature a showing of her new clothes lineup.  When they hear some rude art critiquers trash talk Rarity, however, they get into a loud argument that disrupts the party, forcing Rarity to intervene and try to quiet them.  This puzzles them, seeing as how in their minds they were only defending their daughter's honor.  Seeing an opportunity for revenge, Suri Polomare tries to convince them that Rarity is embarrassed of them.

Mr and Mrs Shy:
Discord and Fluttershy share a nice dinner at her cottage with her visiting parents, but when Fluttershy is called away to help her friends in a new adventure, Discord and Flutterparents are forced to make awkward conversation in her absence.  In their nervousness, the parents confess that not only do they admire their daughter's new assertiveness, but kinda envy her adventures too. Discord, not one to miss an opportunity for mischief, and believing this will somehow help him stay in Fluttershy's good graces, whisks her parents off on a weird and exciting adventure of their own! Fluttershy is... not quite as happy as Discord might have hoped.

Night Light and Twilight Velvet:
On a visit to her castle, Night Light and Velvet are not shy about gushing how proud they both are of Twilight.  Twi takes it all in good grace, until one of them accidentally lets it slip that they helped her get to where she is by using methods that were a teeny bit shady, like cashing in Canterlot favors to get her application through into Celestia's school, and claiming health problems to get her out of gym class, so as to keep her overall score up. Twi does not take this well, wondering if all her achievements are a lie somehow.

Bow Hot Hoof and Windy Whistles:
When Scootaloo enters a Junior Iron Pony competition, Rainbow Dash agrees to be her coach, while her parents are quick to be there to cheer her on.  Things start becoming problematic when Bow and Windy begin to praise Scoots on the very things that Rainbow says Scootaloo has to improve on.  Scootaloo begins to feel guilty for accepting their praise, and when Bow and Windy pick up on this, they plead with Rainbow to go easier on her.  Rainbow argues that she's doing what Scootaloo wants.  Now Scoots feels like the cause of a rift between her favorite ponies, but can she fix the situation before it gets worse?

Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock Pie:
While trekking through the Everfree Forest in order to visit their daughters in Ponyville, Igneous and Cloudy run into a batch of poison joke, which turns them into insatiable party animals.  While Maud goes off to fetch Zecora, Pinkie is left in charge of keeping her parents busy and out of trouble.  After they recover, Cloudy and Igneous realize that they never felt Pinkie as comfortable and lively with them as they did when under the influence of poison joke.  Now they wonder, should they try to embrace a more garrulent and hedonistic mentality for their daughter's sake, or should they accept her insistent assurances that she loves them just as they are?

Pear Butter and Bright Mac:
I'm.. stumped on this one, guys.  I can't think of a good way to explore their relationship with their children to save my life.  Any ideas?