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My DC changes.

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1- Bring back the Elseworlds and make it a scout for talent.
DC often has anniversary or sweeps issues with elseworld events, but much like Marvel's "What ifs", Elseworlds have the potential not just to bring fresh readers but to flush out new talent for writers and artists.  Else worlds will be the next "Who wants to be a Superhero.  A theme will be given with Set Heroes and Villains.  And let the games begin.

2-  Revamp Fate
Dr. Fate's premise is simple.  The helmet of Nabu looks for a slave to take possession of and become Dr. Fate.  He may be a hero, but the Helm is a emotionless ass.  He has no care for who he harms, only that he serves order.  So we give it a "Darkholm Redeemer's", "Pinhead Puzzle box" aspect.  The helmet appears at random.  Learning humility and heroism while reassessing its smug attitude.

3-  Restart DCMU from scratch.
We all know they are trying to play catch up with Marvel and are rushing their movies out faster than they should.  They need to hit the breaks and reassess.  Making linking movies is fine, but they need more fleshing out than what we have been getting. 

4- Focus on the Small screen.
Marvel has cornered the market on movies.  That is a fact.  They are trying to corner netflix with mixed results.  DC's strength has always been its TV series as well as the epic animation.  Maintain focus on that with the more "street friendly" heroes.  Heroes that you can tie to the bigs like Bats and Supes but have their own stories.  Montoya Question, Creeper, Constantine, Plastic Man..... Give each a series on TV or Hulu.   Animation DVDs and Video Games will create the linked DCMU

5-  Better use of former Image properties.
DC owns the characters to WildC.A.T.S as well as Gen13.  The characters were solid.  What was image's problem you ask?  The 90s.  Everything was over blown, and who can forget the leifeld spines and sexploitation.  Now is the chance to reboot and build what could have been great.     WC is supposed to be a covert team, so lets keep them covert.  Maybe trying to live some social life, but the fancy spandex stays secret.  Gen13 becomes the same a Runaways.  No mansions, no sexy robo maids.  Just living on the run trying to stop the government groups out to get them.



1. Something I would find fascinating would be if three or four different writers were given the same premise to flesh out on their own, and see how different (or cookiecutter similar) their own takes would come out.

2. Does that mean that there might be villanous Dr. Fate's too, since there are certainly evil orders?

3. I didn't include the DCMU to keep things from going to crazy, but yeah.  That's another giant ass forum discussion all on its own!

4. I adore the DCAU beyond words, but.... They. Should. Fucking. Make. A. New. Batman. Live. Action. Series!  Not 'Batman before he was Batman'. Not 'focus on a single side character'. Not 'Bruce Wayne The Series Only He's Sometimes Batman for 5 minutes."   A proper Batman series with a big (for TV) budget.  No one deserves it more.

5. I actually like the original Gen 13 artwork, far moreso than most other stuff from the 90s, and I'm always up for some goofiness.  That being said, I never actually picked it up, so I dunno what I'd change.  Probably not the art direction, though.



That is what begins to shape Nabu.  The questioning of Order's commands and seeing the often negative effects on those it influences.


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