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Pony Episodes in my noodle

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1-  Celestia recounts her younger days.
Taking a cue from her sister, Celestia takes a more proactive approach with young fillies.  Though she chooses Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, and Pip.

2-  Scootaloo's parents.
Or a lack there of.  Interesting how pony orphanages would work

3-  More Marble and Limestone Pie.
Maybe their farm is in dire straights and they need to come up with a plan to save it.  Marble even figures marrying a rich pony might help and agrees to a choosing stone ceremony.

4-  Gizmunks.
Always a fav of G1.  These 2 tech oddballs were thwarted by Suprise and Danny's shenanigans.  A gen 5 reboot would involve alchemy without the thought of consequence.  And Trixie will have to use her illusions with Pinkie to stop them.

5-  Seaponies
nuff said.

6-  Catrina (sphinx)  attacks.
Catrina is released from her tomb prison in Egypt (equestria version) and the Saddle Arabians summon the mane 6 to help stop her. (2 part)  Twist, it wasnt Starswirl that sealed her.... it was Discord.

7- Travel to Zebreca.
Rarity and Zecora need to get Zecora to her home in time to an important celebration.

8 Stallions great escape.
Mac, Bulk Biceps, and Fancy Pants awake to find themselves ponynapped to Gelding Grotto.  And they need to escape from the Amazon ponies that enslave males to serve them.



1. It'd be nice to see DT and SS haven't vanished off the face of the planet after their reformation.  And it would be fun to see Celly rain the verbal smackdown upon Spoiled Rich.  Also, Pip is a filly?  Huh. ;P

2. Of course, we gotta have a scene where Scootaloo asks for more gruel, to the horror of the orphanage management.

3.  I'm pretty sure at this point the choosing stone is bottle-shaped, and you spin it on the floor like a party game.  Also, am I a monster for wanting the choosing stone to marry Limestone and Marble to each other?  Probably.

4. Huh.  Only just saw a picture of them.  I expected some kind of cyber chipmunk.  Instead... monkeys?  Kinda like how you hear 'raptorians' and can't help but think dinosaurs these days, but apparently they were dog creatures?

5. Shoo Be Doo.

6. I hope she is depicted as a sphynx, to keep the mythology aspect strong.  And of course, riddles, riddles everywhere.

7. Rarity and Zecora?  So... no other ponies but her?  I certainly hope Zebrica is not another dumpster like the Yak village and the Griffin Erye.

8. Normally, I would fail to see why they'd bother trying to escape Amazon servitude, but.... Gelding Grotto.  May we add Zephyr Breeze to the stallion pile?  Cause that would be hilarious.



1-Pip will have a really girly complexion until puberty hits. 

2- Scoot raises hell.

3-  They are awkward farmer's daughters..... you know they experiment with or without a choosing stone.

4-  Odd naming aside, they are a treat of silliness:

5-  Movie sea ponies have land bodies in trailer.  My headcannon confirmed.

6-  We got a sphinx episode!  I want more.

7-  Probably has a few odd culture clashes that would make things entertaining.

8-  It would be Zephyr's fault.  He was offered a "job" but didn't attempt the research.


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