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To Change a Changeling, random thoughts.

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1. How did Phalanx survive for so long if he was no longer allowed to feed on love, but didn't embrace his inner Fabulousness along with the other changelings? My guess is that Thorax secretly fed him some of his own love to keep him alive, which added to both Phalanx's resentment AND appreciation.

2. FINALLY we see a species described as being meat-eaters.  I remember wishing they had shown a fish market in the Griffin kingdom.  I mean, that's something cats and eagles both like to eat, and it's gotta be less traumatic for the kiddies than seeing skinned rabbits hanging there.

3. When the painted changeling complained "WHAT ENEMIES??"  my first thought was... "Um... Chrysalis?"  Of course, Thorax probably did the right thing by not mentioning that.  I doubt the other changelings would feel much better knowing that their one greatest enemy would be the one their self-appointed guard would happily embrace should she return.

4. It was nice seeing Trixie throw a big rock at the whatchamacallit, instead of being completely useless.  That said, I still sorta wish she had tried attacking it with fireworks.  That's right, Trixie. Embrace your inner Jubilee!

5. Dear God.  Trixie and Glimmy's expressions when Thorax mentioned the 'Feelings forum'.  "Yeah... that sounds too gay for us.  And we're pastel chibi cartoon horses who sweat les-yay shipping fuel."



1-  All the yaoi just popped into my head.  Although he could have been half starved.  Thats why he was so edgy.

2-  I was actually thrilled to see a mole.  And since they are essentially bugs, I can understand The fear.  Wonder how they handled that thing when Queenie was in control.

3-  Well aside from the wayward mom, I assume most enemies to the Changling hive were eaten, and if they don't know that "Changlings are good",  there would still be some opposition from the illinformed .

4- She did.  She tossed poppers at it.  Its around the time they mention they have really thick hides.

5-  I found it funny that even though they are shape shifters, Changlings can have identity issues.  Hippie Changling and TreeHugger get the same stash.

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I heard someone on Derpibooru suggest Free Love as the name for hippie changeling.  Of course, I had to second it immediately!

And I'm embarrassed to admit I did NOT have any lewd thoughts when suggesting love-feeding between Thorax and his bro.



Lewd is in my name.    I want to hug Free Love and draw questionable hippie art.


You are here » Debate Bait » Episode discussions » To Change a Changeling, random thoughts.