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Give them new LIFE!!!

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I am a child of the 80's and 90's.  As such, I have a wealth of classics that could use a new start.

1- Rainbow Brite:  No.... Not the evil reboot attempt.  Lets kick it up a notch with a bit more steampunk-esque tech.  In the early descriptions, each color kid had unique story ideas but never a firm basic origin.  RB was a visitor from another world, but from "where" is never asked or answered.  Each color kid was a war prisoner in a battle they lost.... but they never say before that.  And where the ham hocks were the color kids Stormy, Tickle Pink, and Moonglow during the great escape.  My inner child wants to know!!

2-  Silver Hawks:  Man does this need a 3D reboot!  The Sci-Fi had so much to explore.  The exsistentialism of willfully trading meat for tech to be deep space beat cops.  So many aliens were hinted at, but were never truly flushed out.  And to add to the fun, it had an undertone of mafia noir that could have only made it better.

3-  Mysterious Cities of Gold:  They only found 1 city.  There are 6 more out there.  I love a good period show. 

4-  Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars:  This had more development than the actual comic, but the comic had more spectacular events.  Hell, Bucky's comic had a Q-ish mouse that seemed to follow the team around for fun and curiosity.  I would have loved to see where that lead.  The one major thing I want changed is Willy.  Either age him up (To keep Jenny's flirting from being weird)  or give him an arc like he needs to find a way home rather than giving him a magic door.  Let him be more invested in the ani-verse war.

5-  Cyber Six:   Gimme!  GimmeGimmeGimme!



I'm barely familiar with Rainbow Brite, so not much to comment on there.  Silver Hawks seems more interesting, but I'm not sure if I would accept it as a 3D series.  I think it's retro comic-book look is better suited to traditional animation.  But I understand that the metal effects necessary for their distinctive look to work would be infinitely more complicated that way, so... you may be right.  On the other hand, I think they'd make an AMAZING comic book series.

Personally, I want yet more He-Man and Thundercats reboots.  The Ninja Turtles have had like twenty reboots themselves.  Surely we can spare one for these guys.  Though maybe make it a She-Ra one this time around?



Also, you know what?  Fuck it.  Just go ahead and make a goddamn Captain Planet remake. I have no damn clue what anybody ever saw in this show, but it is clearly beloved by many.  If you can work some Super Sentai flavor into it, and some tongue-in-cheek self-satire, it might actually work.



The Pirates of Dark Water. WE NEED A CONCLUSION! A GOOD one!

Gobots get a lot of crap, but the show really wasn't bad.



Though maybe make it a She-Ra one this time around?
-Absolutely ok with this one.  She-Ra is all over netflix, and needs a grrl power relaunch.

The Pirates of Dark Water. WE NEED A CONCLUSION! A GOOD one!
-Testify Brother!!



Quick question. Why did He-Man even have a secret identity again?  To protect his loved ones?  They were all already targets for Skeletor and his cronies, so that's a nope.  Because his parents wouldn't have let him fight otherwise?  I don't really remember them much, but why would a medieval-styled king not want his son to be a warrior?


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